Thursday, May 7, 2009

The final countdown

This time tomorrow, I will be throwing some last-minute items into a bag, packing a lunch, loading my car, and heading up north with Kelly.
We’ve gone over our packing list several times, trying desperately to ensure that we don’t forget something.
I’ve tried to think of everything, including extra zip lock bags for our cell phones in case it rains and bobby pins for when Kelly gets annoyed that her hair keeps flying in her face (I’ve got you covered, Kel).
But we also want to pack judiciously, as whatever goes in our day pack must be carried for the 12 to 14-mile hike.
We’ve discussed snacks at length. She’ll bring the trail mix and granola. I’ve got the dried fruit and pretzels.
All this week, as I thought of random things I might need (a hat! hand sanitizer! extra contact lenses!), I threw them on the kitchen table:

We’re almost ready!

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