Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A pile of support

Since I began this fundraising/hiking journey, I've received many donations. A lot of them came through my online fundraising website, where family, friends and co-workers left comments of support.
But I also received several checks in the mail, attached to handwritten notes of encouragement.
Some were funny.
"Remember, watch out for mountain lions and boulders. Otherwise, enjoy the hike." That was from one of my former journalism professors at Kent State.
Most of the notes reminded me about how many people are rooting for us to succeed.
My Aunt MaryAnn said, "I'll be anxious to hear all about your adventure," and my mom's cousin wrote, "I'm sure it is going to be very challenging. I think it is great what you are doing ... You go, girl!"
Friends of my in-laws requested that I take lots of pictures, and of course, I'm all too happy to oblige THAT request.
One of the most touching donations came from an unexpected source. Mike forwarded my note about my hike to several of his friends, including Adam and his wife, Annalena.
Adam and Annalena donated, and then they passed the note along to Annalena's parents. Both of her parents, whom I've never met, donated. Annalena's mom sent me a note that said, "Thank you. I hope you have a great hike in the beautiful Grand Canyon."
Having so many people behind us is what is going to get us up those last few miles.

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