Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank you

We made it. In so many ways, we made it.
We made it to that first informational meeting, despite busy afternoons at work. We made this blog. We made it out to businesses to ask for donations. With a lots of planning (and lots of ice and coolers), we made it to a slew of Little League games.
We made cookies for a bake sale and made saloon patrons want to partake in a raffle.
We made each other laugh to keep our spirits up. We made it to early Saturday and Sunday morning hikes when all we really wanted to do was sleep in.
We made our fundraising goals.
And then we made it out of the Grand Canyon.
We made it because of the support of our friends and family. Thank you for donating, for asking us how the hiking was going, for telling us how proud we made you.
We made it because of the support of the Mikes. Thank you, guys, for believing in us, for lugging coolers, and for driving four hours to stand at a trailhead and wait to see us cross the finish line.
We made it for dozens of reasons -- all of you.
Thank you.

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