Monday, April 13, 2009

Back at it...after a storm

We were planning to hit the baseball games this Saturday, but something very strange happened, something that's a true rarity in Arizona - it RAINED!
Weird, I know. It was a very odd sight indeed, especially because it rained all day, which almost never happens in this state.
When this happens, it always sends Valley residents into a tailspin.
Where is my umbrella? Wait do I even own an umbrella? Can I still wear flip-flops...ugh, now I have to change. But...I just washed my car.
A true Southwest tragedy.
So we rescheduled our concession efforts for today. We are hitting a series of four games in North Phoenix and since we are now very experienced, there should be little drama with unloading the car and setting up shop.
In fact, people are kind of used to seeing us now, so hopefully the Red Vines and Gatorades will continue to fly from our coolers.
This will probably be our last game, since we are narrowing in on the final weeks of our training and fundraising. But it has been a great time and I'm sure tonight will be no different.
Oh and Connie said she might come - whoo-hoo!
If she does, don't worry, this time I'll have my camera.

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