Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fighting for a cure - together

Sometimes when you’re in the midst of an experience, it’s easy to feel like you’re suddenly on some far away island, working like mad with only a few other individuals.
You might start to believe that you’re the only one whose muscles are aching from training on a Sunday morning. That you’re the only one facing a fundraising goal or that it’s just you who is working hard to honor people who were lost.
But an e-mail from my cousin, who is also named Meghan and is pictured above running by her house in Philadelphia, reminded me that there are people all over fighting for the very same cause – to find a cure for cancer.
Meghan is training for the Broad Street Run, a 10-mile Race through Philadelphia, as an American Cancer Society Charity Runner. And she’s committed to raise $1,000 for her run, a goal she's very close to meeting.
Check out her site by clicking here.
She’s running in honor of my mom, her Uncle Burt and one of her best friend’s Libby Morris Remick.
Meghan and Libby went on a trip on the Alaskan Canadian Highway (Libby is pictured on that trip below) and shortly after she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. She passed away last summer.

In a recent e-mail as we were talking about our fundraising efforts and training, Meghan again reminded me again why our efforts are so important.
She said, “Your mom, Libby, my Uncle Burt were such powerful people in my life. I will always admire them. They each had that "magic" - they were the kind of people who brighten a room instantly upon entering…I'm enraged at cancer. It's such a crappy disease, lurking everywhere we are.”
As part of her fundraising efforts, Meghan is planning to hold two bake sales in Philadelphia and she's offered to donate some of her proceeds to Meghan and me to help us meet our goal. I was blown away by her generosity and it proved to me once again that people are more giving than you would have ever imagined.
This recent intersection of reminds me that out here in Arizona we are not alone at all on this quest. We are all in this fight together.
And if each one of us helps out just a little bit, the results will be powerful.
How could they not be?

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