Monday, April 20, 2009

Working the last game

I have been so whacked out from my teeth that I completely forgot to post this promised picture of my cousin Connie working at our last Little League game.
We wrapped up our action at the games last week and as you know, Connie was a huge help in our success.
Thanks to the Horizon Little League's board, coaches, parents and athletes who supported us while at the games by purchasing a Gatorade or a bag of fruit snacks - we owe you.
I can't believe we are already finished with our stand. It seems like just yesterday we were stressing over what kinds of items middle school kids like to eat and how much a sucker typically sells for.
Now, we obviously know that kids love red suckers for 25 cents and that they are crazy about all types of candy, but not so much for granola bars. Red Gatorades are a favorite, way cooler, than juice.
We could run a stand with our eyes closed now. We've come so far.


  1. Kelly & Meghan,
    Congrats on meeting your fundraising goal...wait, surpassing your goal!Kelly, I hope you're feeling better!
    Catherine F.