Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting into the gear; a strange challenge

Last week, Meghan and I had decided to hike after work.
That was not a complicated concept.
What presented a challenge for this jaunt around Lookout Mountain was the complicated task of changing into hiking clothes after work.
Why is this so difficult? Well, we can't exactly walk through the office in a tank top and yoga pants. I have a feeling that outfit might get some strange looks.
So we each had develop a changing system.
Meghan opted to sneak into her work's bathroom on the way to her car and at least get her tank top on. That way she could still put her sweater over it, so nothing would look different to co-workers. This was step one for me as well.
The tank, it turns out, was easy in light of what was to come.
Next, while driving, Meghan hit a red light and worked to get her shorts on under her skirt. Yes, I know this might sound strange and I might even think exactly like her husband who later said, "why were you doing that?"
But I understand this method. Across town, I wasn't doing the same thing in my car, desperately trying to avoid a trip to change in the Jack in the Box bathroom where I found myself last time we did a hike after work.
(It's pretty scary in there, just for the record.)
Eventually, and I'm still not fully sure how we pulled off getting into all of our gear, we met at Lookout and were climbing the mountain with ease.
That workout was hardly a challenge compared to the one we had faced just before as we worked to get fully into our gear. Hopefully before this is over, we’ll develop a consistent system for changing that doesn’t have us swerving in our car as we put on our clothes.
But for now, this is what we got.

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