Thursday, February 26, 2009

Buy a pin, find a cure

We both fell in love with these pins from the moment we saw them. They're pretty, they're unique, and they're meaningful. I've already bought one off myself to attach to my hiking pack.
They're Lucinda pins, designed by a woman who wanted to use her natural talent and creativity to help good causes. She designs the pins and then sells them at a low cost to nonprofits who then sell them to raise awareness and funds.
We got a stash of them from our team captain, who generously let us pick out as many as we wanted (at no cost! Thanks, Cindy!) and asked only that we sell them and put the money toward our fundraising goals.
The pins we are selling look very similar to the one above, except the woman on our pins looks like a hiker. And because the ribbon is pink, the pin can also raise awareness for breast cancer.
Want to buy one? Just donate $10 to me or Kelly (you can get to our fundraising pages by clicking the links on the left side of the page), and we'll send you one!

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