Friday, February 27, 2009

A fundraiser's dream: Little League

I didn't even have to ask for help. When my husband, Mike, found out that our new fundraising plan involved watching baseball, he instantly offered to lend a hand.
The plan: Kelly's cousin, Kathy Jo, has a son who plays Little League. They have no concession stands. Enter the Hiking Chicks. We will buy snacks in bulk, bake some cookies, bring in cases of waters, and set up a table. We anticipate that we will make a killing.
I emailed Mike at work, who confirmed the plan's brilliance and started brainstorming what we could sell. This is the first time that he has actively engaged in a conversation about fundraising. Although he is as supportive of all this as one could hope, let's face it: the guy must be sick of listening to me talk about hiking and fundraising.
But now, baseball is involved. Better yet, Little League. Not only was he a player himself back in the day, but he has visions of one day coaching his (not-yet-existent) son's team.
Suddenly, he is even volunteering to help man the concessions table.
I think this is really generous and helpful of him! I call Kelly to tell her the great news: we'll have help at the games!
That's funny, she says. Her boyfriend offered to help run the table, too.
We have struck a fundraising gold mine: famished, energetic kids and sports-loving significant others.


  1. Tell Mike I said to be careful about wishing too hard for a son.... :)