Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A hike to remember...ouch

So I wanted to fill everyone in our on Sunday hike, but first I had to regain the use of my body, which was so sore that I could barely muster up the energy to ascend stairs for almost two days.
Writing, as you can imagine, went by the wayside.
I sound like a wimp, I know. But trust me, this hike through the Piestewa Peak Circumference Trail, was no joke.
Meghan and I were scared of this hike from step one. Well, scared might be too strong of a word, but we knew we were in for a challenging morning since the hike received a "tough" rating in our guidebook. And come to think of it we hadn’t tackled one of Cosmic Ray’s “tough” hikes yet.
It's a mere 3.7 miles, which doesn't seem that long. But let me tell you, that is very far when you are going up and down a huge mountain multiple times and when you encounter the unfortunate circumstance of getting LOST!
Yes, we got lost. It was somewhere around 1 mile and we were at the base of the mountain, far from trail #302, which we were supposed to be on. And get this; to get back to our trail another hiker explained to us that we had to venture back up the steep mountain that we had just hiked down. Ugh, the insanity. We took a huge gulp of water and pressed on.
In the end, we clocked in almost 6 miles. We breathed a sigh of relief.Our muscles burned, our shirts were wet and almost all our water was gone. But even though this trail was harsh, it also included beautiful Arizona scenery and more Saguaros that we could count. (Like this one!)

After I somehow found the strength to drive home, (hey pushing the pedals is really hard when you can't feel your legs) the rest of my Sunday was spent lying on the couch nursing a sunburned face and pain found in areas where I didn't even know I had muscles. It turns out the couch was a pretty sweet spot to be stuck as the Oscars came on.

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