Thursday, February 19, 2009

May 9: the Super Bowl, for us hikers that is

Let me start by saying that Meghan and I are brave, very brave.
I learned this fact earlier today when we committed to tackling one of the most difficult Grand Canyon hikes offered by LLS's TEAM in Training.
Technically, it's labeled "very difficult," if you really want the full story.
After much deliberation, we have decided on The Bright Angel Trail (to Plateau Point). We will know we've made it down, once we've got this view of the Colorado River. (Pretty Amazing!)
Our coach describes the hike as "12.2 miles of steep, strenuous hiking with 6,500 feet of total elevation change and then an optional 2 mile hike along the rim." For cool view of the trail click here.
I think my legs are already shaking. Let me check. Yep, they are.

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