Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Let the Training Begin

Don't we look happy at the top of Shaw Butte Mountain in Phoenix?
Well, that's because we are forcing ourselves to smile.
Little do you know that our calves are aching and stinging in ways we never dreamed imaginable. Oh and our shirts are completely soaked with sweat. Personally, I'll admit I was a bit lightheaded.
But it's cool. I mean, we were PRE-TRAINING, which means training before we are actually required to, which in my opinion makes us pretty awesome go-getters. So the pain is fine. I'm sure in time, it will ease up.
This was no easy hike. It is straight shot up the side of the mountain.
But it was a good starting point for this weekend when we meet up with our team and officially start our training.
May the force (the force of all hard-core hikers that is) be with us.

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