Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am in love.

Behold -- my new Merrell Siren Sport hiking shoes (in "espresso" color).
After much sole searching (haha!), I came across these beauties. They are everything I ever dreamed a hiking shoe could be.
I tested them out this morning on the Piestewa Peak circumference trail, along with Kelly, who was breaking in some new hiking shoes of her own. I was worried that the 3.7 mile trail, which has a rating of "fairly tough," would be too much for these new shoes to bear. I was even more worried when our 3.7 mile hike turned into something more like a 5.5 mile hike after taking a sliiiiightly wrong turn (stay tuned for a more detailed blog from Kelly on THAT).
But they performed flawlessly. I don't even have to "break them in" -- it's like I've been wearing them for months!
I look forward to many years of happiness together.

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