Saturday, February 21, 2009

An inspiring note...

We've only been fundraising for a few weeks and trying to raise money in this current economic climate is no easy task.
But each day, I'm amazed by people's generosity, not just through monetary donations, but also through committed support and encouragement.
This support shows up in small ways throughout the week, in simple notes or phone calls.
One friend offered to hike with us as we train as a way to physically help us meet our goal. And recently my godmother and experienced hiker, Kay, sent me a letter that offered not only encouragement, but gave tips for conquering a Grand Canyon Hike.
Breathing is key, she says - steady and in through your nose and out through your mouth. This is vital, especially on the inclines, since it keeps you from getting winded and focuses your mind on breathing so you don't feel the pain so much in the rest of your body. It also keeps your body full of oxygen, which it will be craving.
"Don't forget to enjoy the view and let your spirit embrace the awesomeness of the canyon," she added. "It will be one of those inspiring trips of a lifetime that you can look back on."

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