Monday, March 30, 2009

A come from behind victory

When Saturday finally rolled around, there were so many little details to cover before we actually made to the baseball games and got our concession stand underway.
We had to bring everything. And I mean every single thing.
The table (headquarters for our stand.) Change to give our customers. Multiple extremely heavy coolers. A calculator (in case – we are journalists after all.) Fliers that explained our hike and gave details about the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Tip Jar. Signs. Chairs.
Then there were about 60 sodas, 34 bottles of Gatorade, 40 waters, 32 bags of chips, 24 candy bars… The list goes on and on. Whew.
After an afternoon of hiking in the Arizona sun and eating at Greek Wraps to support the fundraiser they held for us, we barely had time to shower and load up the coolers and the car to make it to the field in time.
And we almost forgot that it’s Phoenix, so we needed to ice almost every item, even candy or risk losing it to the sun.
One we made it to the field we easily found an ideal spot right between the bleachers and set up shop. Then it was time to sit back, relax and see how much money we could raise.
We also had time to reflect, to talk about which items were selling best and to evaluate how our table looked, since this was the first time Meghan and I have ever run a mini-concession stand.
The results: rather impressive I must say.
We attracted tons of children, barely 4-feet tall, who were in love with the fact that we had suckers, M&Ms and Skittles. Oh they and they loved the Gatorade, which was our best seller. The parents stopped by to grab a bag of sunflower seeds or a bag of chips.
It seemed like we had always been there.
At the end of the night we made almost $100, a pretty good number for a night spent surrounded by the intense, rather entertaining action of Little Leaguers and their fans.
It was the boost we needed. It gave us the confidence to know that we could pull it off and rather well.
We’re heading back to the fields again this week on Thursday.
The Mikes graciously agreed (after buying them off with the promise of cheesesteaks) to assist us with the stand this Saturday.
This is going to be a success. I can already tell.

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