Saturday, March 7, 2009

A family affair

When my aunt rolled into town this week, I was sure she was expecting a relaxing few days in Arizona. Maybe we'd hit a spa, bronze ourselves by the pool or spend hours shopping. It was a vacation and I ventured to guess that the last thing on her mind was intense physical activity.
Wow, was I wrong.
Karen let me know right from the beginning that she was ready to train with me. She was up for hitting the trails for hours, packing lunches and exploring the desert.
If I ever thought, even for a moment that Karen was all talk, she proved me wrong on her first day here. That Thursday she even ventured out by herself for a walk and ended up climbing the summit of Lookout Mountain.
I guess the adventure gene must run in my family.
Now I'm not a bad host. In fact, we packed up the car and headed north on Friday to Sedona, red rock country. We shopped around the village, ate spicy Mexican food while drinking margaritas and debated an appointment with a psychic.
But we also hiked the Devil's Bridge Trail.
Devil's Bridge is largest natural sandstone arch in the Sedona area and one article calls it "one of the most heavenly sights in an area famous for them." This hike was amazing. We scaled rocks, felt pressure in our heads from the energy of the "vortex" and even ventured onto the bridge itself - although it took so coaxing to get me on it since the drop is about 100 feet.
On Sunday, we’re going to hit a local trail in Paradise Valley before she jumps on the plane to head back to Philadelphia. I don’t want Karen to leave, but I’m telling you my body is aching. Maybe I should hire her as my personal trainer?

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