Monday, March 9, 2009

Hiking Nevada

Las Vegas was amazing, as always. A little less crowded these days, but still bursting with excitement and fun.
My husband and I played (and lost) roulette and black jack, we hit the buffet for dinner, and we pondered how on Earth anyone could think a Bud Light is worth $6. It was a good time.
Of course, we also hiked. On Friday night and Saturday afternoon, we hiked this:

Believe me. The Las Vegas strip is a hike. I am sore today, and that street is to blame.
Nonetheless, we figured we should experience a little nature, too. So on Sunday, before heading home, we hiked here, on the historic Railroad Trail:

It is one of the only trails I've ever hiked with a view of water, and it was beautiful.

I am tired (understatement) today, but already researching hikes we can check out during our trip back home to Pennsylvania and Ohio next week!

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