Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Showing restraint

It was very easy to come up with the initial list of businesses to visit to ask for sponsorships. We planned to devote Tuesday night to the businesses near my home, and we quickly rattled off all our favorite places in the area and headed out.
What we did not consider, unfortunately, was how difficult it would be to leave these places.
First stop, Tim Finnigan's Irish Pub. We walked up to the door and saw the happy hour sign. Specials on food and beer. Dang it! I could hear the Harp calling my name the whole way out the door.
Next on the list, Native New Yorker, where it was Wing Night. By the time we left, I'd never wanted a wing so badly in my life.
On to Harkins Theatre, where we checked out the posters for the new releases and discussed the merits of Watchmen.
Then to Paesano Ristorante, which even lives up to Kelly's high standards for what a pizza should be. Temporarily closed!!! We are worried. Very, very worried. Dejected, we got back in the car.
Finally, we descended upon Casey Jones, home of the best chicken philly in Phoenix. We made our pitch and then parked ourselves in a booth.
We're only so strong, after all.

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