Thursday, March 26, 2009

Goodbye dental drama

Before last year I was deathly afraid of the dentist.
In fact, I would avoid going at any cost and for years, I bounced around from office to office, rescheduling appointments, never really making any progress.
The whole ordeal brought up images from Little Shop of Horrors. I always pictured Steve Martin coming to greet me at the chair, singing that song, "cause I'm a dentist." Not good.
But everything changed when I found Dr. Greg Libby (pictured on the right) at Desert Ridge Prosthodontics. This office is top-notch and has provided me with the best treatment I've ever received.
Now I'm not afraid to go to my appointments, I actually look forward to them.
Dr. Libby is a perfectionist and trust me it shows if I were ever to open up my mouth to show you. (I'll try to avoid that.)
An his staff rocks. Brooke, Dr. Libby's dental assistant, is always up for sharing stories, which as you all know is huge with me. The dental hygienist, Cathy, is so caring and she always complements me in some way or another.
And Marilyn who holds down the front office and helps me navigate through the complicated world of insurance claims, is just a sweet person in general and she makes the financial process so much easier to deal with.
Dr. Libby recently donated to my hike, another sign that this office for sure cares about their patients. Trust me, this speaks volumes.
Anyone who knows me well, understands my obsession with teeth.
They also know that I'm a tough customer and an East Coast kid always ready to put a cynical spin on things. The fact that I only have positive things to say about this office should tell you something.
Wait - I do have tiny issue with Dr. Libby. He's a Dallas Cowboys fan, but I'm working on converting him over to the Philadelphia Eagles. With a little more time, I think I can get him to switch. And he doesn't wear Tony Romo jerseys in the office or anything, so I've learned to overlook his allegiance.
Because I want Dr. Libby to be wildly successful, I'm adding in this plug for his office: If anyone needs a dentist, you gotta check out Desert Ridge Prosthodontics. Click here for all the details.

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