Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gambling, drinking and ... hiking?

Tomorrow after work, the husband and I will be packing a dinner, loading up the car and heading for the bright lights of Las Vegas.
I am beyond excited. It's been two years since our last visit, and I am looking forward to many things:
* Seeing my friend Stacy and meeting her fiance! Yay!
* Staying at the Tropicana. It's one of the older casino/hotels, and it's classic Vegas. Gaudy chandeliers everywhere you look. Love.
* Roulette. I discovered it on the last trip up there, and it is the perfect game for me because it's more hardcore than slot machines, yet still requires no gambling skills whatsoever.
* $1 margaritas at Casino Royale. This is really the only reason to visit Casino Royale, but it's a good enough excuse for me.
* All my regular favorite Vegas sights: the dancing Bellagio fountains, the M&M store, and Paris.
* Watching the husband down a red bull and vodka immediately upon arrival, in an effort to "rally" after working all day and then driving six hours.
But, this trip does not mean I will not be hiking. No, no, no. I am committed.
On Sunday morning, before heading back to Phoenix, we'll be checking out a hike along an old railroad system that was built to get materials to the site of the Hoover Dam during its construction. The railroad system was abandoned once the dam was finished, the tracks were eventually dismantled, and the tunnels and trail were added to the National Register of Historic Places decades later.
You can now hike or bike it, and it is supposed to have amazing views of Lake Mead. Check it out here.
I will report back (with pictures) on its coolness factor on Monday.

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  1. Woooo! Have a blast :-) On the hike, of course. Please do not have fun in Vegas with Stacy.