Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The fundraising frenzy

As Kelly and I drove around North Phoenix last night asking businesses for sponsorships, we discussed the finer points of fundraising. And we realized something we didn't know before: fundraising is a lot of work.
I think we already knew this abstractly, but fundraising ideas that seemed so simple at first, are turning out to be slightly more involved than we imagined.
For example: Asking businesses for sponsorships. Easy, right? Just ask.
We had to make a flyer, take a trip to Kinkos to print it out, get our hands on some folders, make a list of businesses to visit and then coordinate a day/time when we could go together. (That last part was harder than it should have been.)
We also want to sell concessions at Little League games. Brilliant! Just sell some treats to hungry kids, and watch the money roll in.
Well, yes. But first, we have to get the concession stand approved by the Little League board, figure out what Little Leaguers and their families might be hungry for, buy the goods, debate whether a soda should be priced at $1.50 or $2, get our hands on a table that will be small enough for our tiny cars to transport, find out how to borrow an LLS banner for the table, discuss the finer points of donation jars, decide which games to attend and THEN go to the games and sell stuff.
We also want to hold a bake sale at a church... you get the idea.
None of it is particularly difficult, but when you put it all together, it does kind of sound like a lot, don't you think?
That's ok, though. We're getting the hang of it, and when all is said and done, we will have raised close to $6,000 for a great cause and completed the most difficult hike either of us have ever attempted.
I'd say it's well worth the effort.

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